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Commercial LED Lighting

Design-Build Energy Savings Services

CSSI® Energy Services, Inc. is a nationwide provider of design-build commercial LED lighting and energy-saving services.

Our green solutions help offices, senior living facilities, hospitals, hotels, self-storage facilities, and many other properties prioritize the environment and society. Discover what lighting and energy-efficient systems can do for the environment, your finances, and your employee’s productivity by calling CSSI® Energy Services today.  

Improve Your Triple Bottom Line

How a company is performing financially as well as its impact on the environment and society, known as the “Triple Bottom Line,” is crucial for success. In today’s society, a company’s success is measured by more than just profitability but also by its reputation. With the services we provide at CSSI® Energy Services, you can significantly improve and shed new light on your company’s triple bottom line. 

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Additional Benefits of Upgrading to Commercial LED Lighting

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Reduce energy usage by 40-80 percent

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Recover your costs in one to three years

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Reduce your lighting maintenance

Our Sustainable Energy Services

CSSI® Energy Services, Inc. has been leading the way in energy savings by offering intelligent commercial LED lighting long before going green was fashionable. Our design-build energy solutions help you save even more money with reduced energy consumption and improved employee performance. Let us take care of the audit, design, installation, and warranty management for unsurpassed convenience.

If you are going green– go with CSSI® Energy Services, Inc.

We’ve led the way for companies looking to get their lighting and HVAC out of the dark and their bottom line back in the black.

At CSSI® Energy Services, we recognize how quality lighting improves people’s cognitive function and performance.

Because lighting can affect people’s circadian rhythm or the internal body clock that cues sleep/wake cycles, we’ve developed specialized lighting services that take this phenomenon into account. We’ve improved many senior living facilities, hotels, and hospitals with our specialty lighting services, which allow their employees and residents to enjoy a healthier, happier environment.

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Pay for Your Commercial LED Lighting Services with Energy Savings, Rebates, & Tax Savings

CSSI® Energy Services has developed a proprietary program to offset the cost of your lighting and HVAC system projects. Using energy and maintenance savings, rebates, and tax savings, we strive to complete your energy projects with a net-zero cost.

Our sister company, CSSI® – Cost Segregation Services, Inc., provides you with tax-saving benefits, which we pair with additional rebates and savings. No one else in the industry offers these immense savings, which allow you to pay for your energy upgrades.  

CSSI® Energy Services Provides Design-build Solutions

Clients continue to tell us that we not only reduce their energy costs but consistently eliminate hassles, headaches, and hidden surprises when performing our design-build commercial LED lighting projects. With over 40 years of combined experience in the industry, we deliver unsurpassed convenience, unmatched value, and unparalleled integrity.

Call us for lighting and energy-efficient HVAC system upgrades that can result in a net-zero cost for your company and a positive impact on the environment.