Commercial Lighting Services FAQ

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We strive to complete your energy projects with a net-zero cost. We do this by providing cost lowering opportunities, including tax-saving benefits, rebates, and energy and maintenance savings. No one else in the industry offers these immense savings opportunities, which lower your total costs significantly.

Yes, CSSI® Energy Services, Inc. installs all products and systems after auditing your current building and designing a new energy-saving plan.

Most of our products have a one to five-year material warranty, which we manage for you for ultimate convenience.

With tax savings, rebates, and energy and maintenance savings, we often get our client’s projects to a net-zero cost. However, if financing is required, we offer both on-balance sheet and off-balance sheet.

Yes, we complete and file your rebate paperwork as we finish the project for unmatched customer service. All rebates go directly to the customer.

Yes, CSSI® Energy Services, Inc. can service commercial buildings, self-storage, senior care, and multi-family buildings across the United States. Contact us today to get started.

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