Put Your Bottom Line and Your Energy Consumption in the Green

Hospital hallway before lighting changed to LEDHospital hallway after lighting changed to LED

Energy Audits & Design-Build Solutions

CSSI® Energy Services, Inc. is the premier provider of design-build lighting solutions.

Our solutions are provided to offices, senior living facilities, hospitals, hotels, self-storage facilities, and many other commercial buildings. Our design-build LED lighting solutions start with energy audits for lighting and HVAC systems to reduce energy use and save money while improving the environment and employees’ health.

Our Energy Audit and Installation Process

The team members at CSSI® Energy Services work closely with you to install a new LED lighting system.

The first step we take is to conduct an energy audit of your facility. Then we design the energy conservation methods to be implemented and present a proposal that includes tax savings, utility rebates, and KWH savings.

Once a project is approved, we schedule a pre-installation meeting with your onsite team to discuss the logistics of the project. Once completed, our team members come in to install the new lighting system. After installation, we walk the entire facility with your onsite team to ensure that all the systems are working correctly.

Benefits of Our Energy Audits and Turnkey Solutions

CSSI® Energy Services guarantees several financial, environmental, and health-related benefits from our lighting services. Our intelligent turnkey lighting solutions and energy audits help your business save money, reduce energy consumption, and even enhance employee performance. We can even install specialty LED lighting to help regulate circadian rhythms for a better night’s sleep – resulting in an enhanced performance at work.

Other benefits include:

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Reduce energy usage by 40-80 percent

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Recover your costs in one to three years on average

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Reduce your lighting maintenance

Go Green – Contact CSSI® Energy Services

If you are looking for a green alternative for your current lighting and HVAC systems that will reduce energy costs, contact CSSI® Energy Services today. We provide design-build lighting solutions to companies across the nation that create a positive impact on the environment as well as your company.