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Energy Saving Systems for Your Commercial Building

CSSI® Energy Services, Inc. has provided customers with the best in LED lighting systems and products. Our team members design LED solutions to best fit the needs of your commercial facility and maximize rebates. Find out what type of lighting and energy-efficient systems your business needs by calling CSSI® Energy Services today.

Energy Saving Systems for Every Part of Your Building

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Indoor Lighting Products

CSSI® Energy Services helps improve the lighting in offices, classrooms, hospitals, hotels, and more with our premier indoor lighting products. From lamps to downlights to troffers, our indoor LED lighting products will provide the necessary lighting and increase work performance.

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Industrial Lighting Products

We provide the lighting products necessary to keep your industrial building well-lit. The CSSI® Energy Services team members can easily install LED lighting without operational interruptions.

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Outdoor Lighting Products

Safety is a priority for every business; that’s why we provide outdoor lighting products for your commercial building. LED lights are cost-effective and energy-saving, so you don’t have high prices on your next energy bill.

Our warranty process is designed to be a hassle-free process for you. After our team members complete the LED lighting installation systems, we leave you with the necessary warranty information. Should you experience issues with your installed products, contact CSSI® Energy Services, and we will have the replacement parts sent directly to you. You only have one number to call.

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Warranty Process

Upgrade to Energy Saving Systems – Call CSSI® Energy Services, Inc.

Reduce your business’s energy costs while creating a positive impact on the environment with an upgrade to energy-saving systems. Contact our team today for quality lighting products and unmatched savings.