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Energy-Saving Tax Credits & Deductions for Affordable Lighting Services

At CSSI® Energy Services, Inc., we are dedicated to helping you go green without the immense costs normally associated with retrofitting your commercial facility.

Utilizing a combination of energy and maintenance savings, rebates, and energy-saving tax credits and deductions, we get your energy project close to a net-zero cost. Upgrade your commercial property today and get immense savings during the process.

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How We Help You Save on Taxes with Energy Upgrades

When you allow CSSI® Energy Services to retrofit your commercial facility with energy-efficient lighting and systems, we help you take advantage of tax-saving opportunities.

The Energy-Efficient Commercial Buildings Deduction, known as 179D in the tax code, allows qualified commercial property owners to receive a tax credit for energy-efficient upgrades placed into service. This deduction allows you to offset some of the costs associated with your energy project. Let CSSI® Energy Services upgrade your lighting for less with energy-saving tax credits and deductions.

In addition, our sister company CSSI® – Cost Segregation Services, Inc., can provide cost segregation studies to commercial property owners for additional tax savings.

Our team works with your tax professional to supply them with the calculations required for an asset disposition to update your depreciation schedule. For your depreciation schedule to be accurate, the value of the old lighting must be removed, and the value of the new lighting must be added. When applying these tax savings to your project’s costs, we can secure up to 60 percent of the total project cost in tax savings.


In addition, when cost segregation is applied to your building, we often attain a net-zero cost of an energy project. A net-zero cost is when the tax savings, rebates, energy savings, and maintenance savings are higher than the project cost.

These tax-saving opportunities help reduce the costs of going green, reduce energy consumption, and enhance employee performance.

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Energy and Maintenance Savings

Upgrading your lighting provides additional savings throughout the life of your property. Here are some of the ways energy-efficient systems help reduce your costs:

LED Bulbs Offput Less Heat, which Means Your HVAC System Doesn’t Work as Hard

LED Bulbs Last Up to 10 Years, which Means Reduced Costs in Materials and Maintenance Costs

LED Bulbs and Energy-Efficient HVAC Systems Require Less Energy Consumption, which Means Lower Energy Bills

Going green with your commercial facility benefits the environment, your finances, and your employee’s productivity. Read more about the benefits of LED light bulbs and how they benefit your triple bottom line.

We Manage Your Rebates

Many of the products we use come with phenomenal rebates that assist in lowering the cost of the energy project. At CSSI® Energy Services, we focus on providing unmatched value and unsurpassed convenience, which is why we manage those rebates for you.

We ensure all rebates are completed and processed, so the refund comes directly back to you. This turnkey approach not only leaves you with reduced costs and maintenance but also prioritizes the environment.

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